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Dear Members 16/02/2018


As you know, Pauline Macauley is joining us at tomorrow’s meeting to give us a talk about the work of the Talking Quilts project, which some of our members have been actively involved in, either as committee members or interviewers/ interviewees.


Pauline is keen to conduct 2 or 3 interviews tomorrow to add to the collected oral history. Each interview is expected to last about 5 minutes.


Here is a link to the interviews conducted in Region 16 (Scotland) so far. If you would like to participate, please bring a quilt which means something to you and let Gillian Harrison know on the door when you arrive tomorrow.


Here's a link to the Scotland interviews - including Carol Lenagan and Margaret Boe (as well as Alison Buckle!) (Please copy and paste into your browser)


The typical questions you might be asked are:

Tell me about this quilt

Can you describe the quilt? Size, colours, patterns, style, fabrics

How do you use this quilt and what plans do you have for it?

What do you feel about it?





Dear Members 19/01/208


I am looking forward to seeing you on Saturday. We will once more ask the caretaker to ensure the hall is warm enough. Failing that, we may ask Sally to lead us in a Dashing White Sergeant to get us warmed up.


As you know, Sally Cook is Saturday’s guest speaker and I think we can look forward to a fun and interesting presentation.


Also on Saturday, we are holding our Quilt Surgery so if you have any particular problems or questions for our panel, please bring them along. If it helps, bring the specific piece that is causing you problems.


Edinburgh Direct Aid are supporting women in a remote town, Arsal, near the Syria/Lebanon border who are stuggling to live and support their families.

They request donations of ANY fabric you can spare to help those in Syria to develop new skills and clothe their families. I am happy to gather in anything you bring on Saturday, or please send pieces on directly to help this worthy cause.

If you would like to help support the women’s workshop in Arsal, the following donations would be greatly appreciated:knitting wool & needles - fabric & haberdashery - cash

For more information, phone 0131 552 1545,

see, or email


Voluntary Arts Scotland

You may recall the successful visit we had in November from Rachel, who came to learn about what we did with a view to writing a poem based on what she saw and heard. Here is an extract from Voluntary Arts Scotland on what happens next regarding the poem and supporting materials. I will keep you in the loop as these plans firm up. We are hoping to get some of the material available at our exhibition too.

I mentioned in December that Voluntary Arts Scotland have asked if we would make a small quilt of their logo, for their annual award ceremony.


Here is a link to their website, the logo is in the top left corner.

It would be great to get the recognition and coverage at the Awards, especially as it may attract more visitors to our exhibition and making a quilt of their logo would be a great way of doing that. So, my request is : could one or a number of you make a quilt of their logo? it does not appear too complex a design. Before you commit be aware that the ceremony is on the 27th February and so does not leave much time. This is a very tight deadline and suggests the huge confidence they have in us. Gillian and I will be at our meeting on Saturday, please ask us more info there.


Regards Brenda














On Saturday 13th January, 2018 Thistle Quilters arranged

a curated tour of the Songs for Winter exhibition by

Pauline Burbidge at the City Art Centre (link below)

in Edinburgh. In a lively, well-attended session,

Pauline described the design and construction process

behind works by her and her husband, sculptor Charlie Poulson.

The pieces included quilts, drawings and sculptures evoking

the landscape of Scotland and were widely appreciated by all.

The exhibition runs until 4 March and is definitely worth a visit



What pieces of your work will be in the Thistle Quilters exhibition in May?

New members may not have had all the information needed to make a choice of what quilts they have might be suitable for the exhibition. Existing members might like a recap.


There is no ‘jurying’ of exhibits, all quilts will be welcomed and hung as long as there is sufficient space, and it’s a big gallery…


Transition This will probably be the widest category, to include any new work (since the last exhibition in 2012 and not exhibited elsewhere) that you have created for any reason. The term ‘aspirational’ is a transition, where you learn a new technique, take part in a challenge, create for a new purpose, have been making this for years and it’s now finished, or just because ‘I wanted to try one of these’. Speak to Gillian Sandilands


1718 Many members are using the 1718 Coverlet as inspiration for a modern version of a block or two, in traditional colours and fabrics, or going full on with modern fabrics and colours.

A single block or a large piece? All welcome! Speak to Brenda


1818 Any inspiration from events of that year? Speak to Carol


1918 Lots to consider here, large or small. Speak to Deborah


Journal Quilt 2017 Nearly 30 of the 52 already handed in. Speak to Carol


Historical/Antique Do you have an ‘old beauty’ you’d be willing to lend for the event?

Speak to Fiona B


Auld Reekie The set was made for the 2016 challenge but more would be very welcome.

Speak to Deborah


Award Winning Did you win a ribbon at Festival of Quilts, Ingliston, Glasgow SECC Quilt Show or similar in the last 5 years? Speak to Fiona B


Quilts made at/after classes/workshops Works in progress or finished items. Small or large. Many of us have attended workshops or completed challenges at Thistle Quilters, Region 16 weekends, QG Area days or in a commercial class with a well-known tutor, and have lovely pieces to show for our efforts. This is the chance for visitors to see what’s available to quilters in Edinburgh.

Speak to Deborah


Greetings Cards To raise funds before and during the exhibition

(Not an exhibition category, but maybe it should be!)

Speak to Frea










Pauline Burbage with Brenda McDonnell (TQ Chair) and Jan Rae


What's On


Charlie Poulsen and Pauline Burbidge "Songs for Winter"

4 Nov 2017 - 4 Mar 2018 at the Edinburgh City Art Centre

A two person exhibition which will include a large selection of sculpture, drawings,

sketchbooks, textiles and quilts.



The Scottish Quilt Show at Ingliston, Lowland Hall.

Friday February 16th till Sunday February 18th - 10am to 5pm (4pm Sunday)


The Scottish Quilting Show at SECC Glasgow

Thursday March 8th to Sunday March 11th - 10am to 4.30pm (4pm Sunday)

This offer has come in with a code for 1/2 price tickets, it means a senior ticket is £3.75 and adult £4.25.

The code is EV12 and includes the Scottish Quilting Show



Quilters Guild Regional Day in Perth on

Saturday March 24th - £20 for QG members to include refreshments on arrival and lunch.

Speakers Jenny Raiment and Jo Avery

Details in Newspatch. Non-QG members welcome, contact Deborah Pearce through the email contact on the Home page


World Textile Day at Bridge of Allan

Saturday 16th June 10am - 4.30 pm, Free Entry

Bridge of Allan Parish Church of Scotland, 12 Keir Street, Bridge of Allan, FK9 4NW







Shop selling quilting, dress and curtain fabrics + haberdashery. Classes


Quilt shop. Classes.



Shop selling quilting, dress and curtain fabrics + haberdashery.



Shop selling quilting and dress fabrics + haberdashery.



Quilt shop. Classes. Long Arm Quilting.



Quilt shop. Classes.



International Quilt Artist and Teacher. Classes.


Shop selling quilting fabrics, haberdashery and books


Quilt shop. Classes.


Quilt shop, haberdashery and craft materials, sewing machines. Cafe.



















Materials List for Thistle Quilters Social Sewing Workshop 21 October 2017


The October meeting will be an opportunity to work on a number of member- led initiatives, themed around our 2018 exhibition, but not exclusively so. Please bring any of your own wip if you would prefer to spend time on that.


Please bring a packed lunch.


Topic: Fusing Organza with Heat

Leaders: Fiona Sutherland and Deborah Pearce

Requirements: There are no specific requirements as materials will be provided, but if you have a fine tipped soldering iron please bring that along with you


Topic: Card making

Leaders: Frea Webster and Carol Lenagan

This topic will be split into two. In the moring, Frea will work with oyu on card makingusing scraps and embellishments. In the afternoon, Carol will focus on painting on bondaweb

Requirements: Materials will be provided, but please bring some scissors, needle and threads.


Topic: Needleturn applique

Leader: Gillian Sandilands

This session will focus on the ‘goose’ block from the 1718 coverlet

Requirements: 4-6 pieces of background fabric or a piece of background 13x13 inches silk or cotton

A piece of silk or cotton about 10x10 inches for the bird body

A piece of wadding 13x13 inches

A piece of backing fabric 13x13 inches

Sewing kit, scissors, threads suitable for appliqué and any hand quilting

Sewing machine if you want to do a pieced background


Topic: raw edge applique

Leaders: Gillian Harrison and Lindsay Tilston

This session will focus on the ‘boy’ and ‘girl’ blocks from the 1718 coverlet


Sewing kit, including needles, scissors, pins

Paper scissors

Fabric scraps will be provided, but embellishments such as beads, ribbons etc would be useful

Sewing machine, and monofilament thread if preferred


Topic: your own project

Please feel free to bring a work-in-progress of your own if you want to focus on that.